1. ​I saw a beautiful boy getting off the 3 train by Canal Street in Manhattan. He was going uptown and I was going down. He was entirely ebony and cheek bones. He was dressed in all black and wearing combat boots that made him look like war. As he stepped off the train he used a single storm cloud of a hand to flip open his sunglasses and slide them onto his nose (which I think had been chipped into an arrow head by an American Indian shaman). He stepped into the light and I went deeper underground.

2. ​Instead of studying for my calculus final I slept all day and then read Tim O’Brien in the bath for two hours (which is far longer than anyone should read Tim O’Brien in the bath). I cried when the girl disappeared into the jungle wearing a pink cardigan and a necklace of tongues. I think they were tears of joy.

3. ​Over the summer I took off all of my clothes and went swimming in a man-made lake (a giant puddle). I thought about how maybe they refill the fish every now and then and I wished I was something very very tiny. The moon was the same color as a light in a window is when you’re looking in from the outside.

4. ​After a concert for a band I didn’t know, I pushed back through the crowd to find my jacket and came face-to-bicep with a tall someone’s long white arm. He kissed me on my sweaty temple in a drunken rush and for a long time I thought about how lovely it was that part of me had gone home on a stranger’s lips that night. I hope he took good care of it.

5. ​I spent all of my free period ripping up a construction paper heart that I found taped to my locker. At first I thought it was for Valentine’s Day but later I learned that the hearts that were stuck to one of every four lockers actually represented the one in four children whose parents are alcoholics. I laughed about it for longer than I should’ve. It was bitter laughter.

6. ​I drove home stoned through an ice storm with a floaty mind and shaking fingers. My car skidded and slid and I don’t think I ever even blinked. When I got home I parked my car backwards and sat on the kitchen counter in the dark for a long time. I kept checking my phone because I remembered that you used to always text me to make sure I had gotten home safe. The empty screen lit up every time I pressed it but it soon faded back to black. At the time I don’t think you were awake.

7. ​I got my navel pierced by a man who was more ink than skin. His ears were stretched and looped over themselves and his face was littered with broken hearts yet his eyes were not the harsh silver of needles but rather the endless green of the sea. He told me that the navel piercing was the first type of piercing to originate in history. The Egyptians did it, he said, and many other cultures did at the same time. He wondered why. He thought maybe it was just because people like piercing themselves. It’s in our nature. He said that I should make a wish when he put the needle in me but when the time came I forgot and with my shirt tucked up in my bra and a sunburn on my collar bones and a needle in my stomach I only laughed.

7 moments that would’ve made for a good picture (via porn4smartgirls)